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Quan De pagoda in Bac Lieu- The Symbol of Hoa People’s Culture

Quan De pagoda is situated on the bank of Bac Lieu River, Vinh Trach commune, Bac Lieu town, Bac Lieu province. The pagoda is deeply featured by the architecture of Hoa people.

Quan De pagoda is regarded as the symbol of culture by Hoa people. The pagoda was constructed in 1835 by a Chau Quai salt merchant, who encouraged local people to raise fund for its construction. The pagoda worships Quan Van Truong, a Chinese military mandarin who lived in San Kuo period. Hoa people have chosen Quan Gong, symbolizing the trust which is top priority in doing business.

Quan De Pagoda in Bac Lieu- The Symbol of Hoa People’s Culture

Statue of Quan Gong in Quan De Pagoda

Today, the pagoda still remains several precious religious artifacts. This is a sacred place of local people and also a destination for tourists in Vietnam travel.

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