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Hoang Su Phi- Charming tourists in Vietnam Travel by The Pristine Beauty

Hoang Su Phi of Ha Giang Province has more than 55.800 people living in 9.700 households with 25 communes. A third of its people live in the highland, thus the lives are so difficult. The district is famous for its terraced paddy-fields, October is the best month to visit and to witness the beauty of harvest time when all the terraced paddy-fields turn yellow with ripening rice.

Traveling to Hoang Su Phi, visitors in Vietnam travel have a chance to enjoy the spectacular natural majestic, relax in the comfortable atmosphere with fresh mountain forests and the same message stream block please ring. Hoang Su Phi has 4 cultural and tourism villages in Nam Hong, Giang Thuong, Phin Ho vĂ  Lng Giang. Here visitors are welcome to rest in the houses of local people. 

Through exchange, tourists in Vietnam travel will learn about daily life of people as well as the features of each culture and ethnicity of each village. Guests can also learn some handicrafts such as traditional weaving, dyeing, paper made with straw.

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