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Ky Cung Temple in Lang Son worships God of River

Ky Cung is still small temple with tiled roof. At the front of temple is a stone wharf Ky Cung( Ky Cung stone way), which was considered as one of 8 Lang Son places of interesting in 18 century by Ngo Thi Si.

The architecture of the temple is the shape of the letter dinh (shape). This is newly-restored architecture. The temple hasn't got its private greeting gate, so greeting gate is matched with main apartment, which includes 3 vault-shaped doors with two brick squars pillars that have got carved edge ways and patters on the surface, there is a set of three holy things: a tripod and two flowers pots. There are two multi-layer towers outside to hang bell and drum.

In 1993, Ky Cung temple was recognized as the National relic by the Ministry of Informationa and Communication.

Today, the temple still remains to be a sacred place and also a tourist attraction In Vietnam travel.

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