Du Hang Pagoda - ancient pagoda and on the big scale in Hai Phong

Lying on Ho Nam Ward- Le Chan District, 2km southwest of City center, Du Hang Pagoda's nom de plume is Phuc Lam Tu, which used to be ancient pagoda and on the big scale in Hai Phong. 

Pagoda has the ancient style and originated since Tien Le dynasty (980-1009). In Le Gia Tong dynasty (1672), high-ranking bonze Nguyen Đinh Sach donated his own properties to buy land to enlarger this pagoda with full lance, ring, temple of forefathers, bonze's house with the tiled roof, and the paths were paved over with Bat Trang bricks...Up to now, the pagoda has been restored by the believers and Buddhist clergymen to make it more and more beautiful.
Du Hang Pagoda currently has magnificent architecture with seven -room Buddha's the full precinct, the3 floor- ring gate with curved roof. Right in the middle of the ring gate is hanging big bronze ring, with a written line "Phuc Lam Tu Chung", or that means the ring of Phuc Lam Pagoda.

Visiting the site of Du Hang pagoda, visitors will have a chance to contemplate many valuable Buddha statues, horizontal lacquered board, parallel sentences bearing the art style of the Nguyen dynasty at the end of 19th to the early 20th century and many ancient graphic fine arts are still preserved in the Buddhist temple of Pagoda

Tower garden of pagoda is quiet under the shady ancient and big trees with tower grave groups of all the progenitor bronzes who died in this Pagoda and those of progenitor contemplation school of Truc Lam Yen Tuand also those of Chan Huyen high -ranking bonzes and many bonzes who had presided Du Hang Pagoda
All the Buddha's altar rooms have architectural shape of Indian or Cambodian Pagodas; the top roofs have 43 pointed curved heads which illustrate for the Holey water bottles bringing the auspicious things to everyone. For long, Du Hang Pagoda has been drawing many tourists attention both at home and abroad

If tourists in Vietnam Travel have chance to visit Hai Phong city, Du Hang Pagoda is a must-see place that should not be missed!

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