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Chien Dan Towers

Chien Dan towers represent a group of three towers and each door points to the East. Their foundations are all square in shape, wide-based with narrow steps to the top. There isn’t decoration on the body of the towers, but on the top of the towers were decorated an edging line with many masks of Kala. In Chien Dan, many sculptured artifacts with high value were discovered, especially the Yoni alter and "human animal" statues such as Naga snake, Hamsa grouse, Garuda Bird, Gajasiha elephant, etc which were influenced by Chanh Lo sculpture style (in the end of 11th century, early 12th century). The towers lie beside national highway 1, about 5km to the north of Tam Ky city.


Chien_Dan_Towers.JPG Chien_Dan_Towers_2.JPG Chien_Dan_Towers_3.JPG

Chien_Dan_Towers_4.JPG Chien_Dan_Towers_5.JPG Chien_Dan_Towers_6.JPG

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