The cult of worshiping the village`s tutelary genie

The cult of worshiping the tutelary genie was imported from China and had become part of Vietnamese people`s spiritual life and had been diversified.

worshiping the village in VietnamThe village`s tutelary genie can be a genie coming from heaven like Phu Dong Thien Vuong, a genie of mountain like Tan Vien, a peson who had a great contribution to the country like Ly Thuong Kiet, Tran Hung Dao, Yet Kieu, Da Tuong, and also some evils. There are a lot of mysterious or even illogical legends around these genies. Those titled by the King always represent the history, ethics, traditions and regulations of village. The tutelary has an invisible power that somehow manages the whole village in an orderly way.

The King often titled tutelary genie in three levels: the superior, the middle and the inferior according to their contribution to the village. They were also promoted to higher level if they could better the life of the people. The King promoted them according to the suggestions of the villagers. The petition must be sent to the King in a certain time of the year. When it is approved, the royal honor would be sent to the village, and people put it in the Common house.

The tutelary genie is also called the Blessing genie that blesses the life of the people in the village. One village might worship more than one genie. They can be male or female, depend on the legends of each village.

In Vietnam, each village has their own common house to worship the tutelary genie. It is considered the symbol of the people`s spiritual life. This is not only the place for worshiping but also the place for village dignitaries to meet and for the people to enjoy the village`s activities.

For each Vietnamese people, the tutelary genie is the supreme power that regulates the life of the villagers, who protects and blesses them with prosperity and health. The people of the village, generations by generations, are living under the protection of the immortal tutelary genie, who represent the history of the village.

The tutelary genie is the supreme commander of the village in both spiritual and material life. So, the practice of worshiping the tutelary is by no means the worship for the village`s regulations and manners of the community. It is also the invisible force that links all the villagers in solidarity and understanding; preserves the values of the village. That`s why all member of the community, both the dignitaries and the people, have to prepare and offerings to ask for permission before organizing a festival. Perhaps this gratitude is similar to that for the worship of their ancestors.

Nowadays, festivals are blossoming everywhere. Such activities like performing the legend of the genie, organizing processions and offerings are being recovered as a sing of gracefulness of the people to their tutelary genie, who had great contribution to the community.

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