Enjoy space of Sea and island at New Year flower festival 2012

A splendid festival is going to come. It is The New Year festival in HCM City, featuring traditional culture, modern life and focus on sea and island topic.

Vietnam tourism is expecting The New Year flower festival 2012 with many activities attracting tourists.

This year HCM City will continue organizing annual programs to welcome the New Year, including: decorating Nguyen Hue road with flowers and trees, holding a flower festival at Tao Dan Park and organizing 45 flower markets

Vice Chair Thuan instructed event organizers to combine the sea and island topic into these events, to feature national sovereignty.

Accordingly, Nguyen Hue flower road will have a zone for displaying flower-made mock-ups of Vietnamese coast and sea-related activities.

The New Year flower festival will have music shows on sea and islands.

Nguyen Hue flower road will open from January 20-26, 2012, while the New Year flower festival will be held from January 18 to 28, 2012. Flower markets will open from January 16 to 22, 2012.

Hope that tourists can stroll beatiful flower roads and make a deep impressions on Vietnam tourism.


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