Ham Ho – The waterfall of flying fish

Binh Dinh is the land of full sunshine, wind and the briny taste of sea; and it makes a strong impression on tourists even for hard-to-pleasure people by many charming and fascinating landscapes.

One of the attractive destinations that visitors shouldn’t miss coming here is Ham Ho. At the distance of more than 50 kilometers Northwest of Quy Nhon city, Ham Ho is a downstream part of Kut River in Tay Son, Binh Dinh province that is associated with the special legend. It was told that Kon River and Kut River’s lower section was in a terrible drought thousands of years ago. In a drought year when people wanted rain, it is unique phenomenon that there were many strange sounds like people screaming and praying for rain at the bend of river. Perhaps, witnessing that disaster and listening to that pray of locals, Rain God created the two river’s lower section to save people here. Hence, this region is called Ham Ho or “ Yelling Cellar”.


This part of Kut River is about 1 kilometer, however, just needing to go by boat about over half a kilometer on the way leading to inner to lake area, tourist’s tiredness will seem to disappear thank to its beautiful natural beauty with lush green all year long together with cool streaming water. Tourists can experience mountain views, abundant birdlife, fragrant wild flowers, unusual trees and plants. Specifically, along the riverside are a dense forest mixed with high cliffs, dotted by a number of marble outcrops with varied strange shapes.  It is said that the more tourists get deep into, the more interesting scenery is. With the depth of 30 meters, the bed of river is full of gleaming and bright granite stones like millions of diamonds in the green and clear water. There are many particular stones places, each of which is attached to the meaningful story such as Jar of Wine, Footprint of Giants, and Fairy Chess Board…

Ham Ho is also well known by not only a considerable number but also a variety of fish, especially in the flood season. It is told that Water King (the God that governs lakes, rivers and the ocean) holds a waterfall crossing examination for fishes in Ham Ho at this time of a year. The fishes that pass this contest will turn into dragon.  Hence, Ham Ho waterfall is also called Vu Mon or Flying Fish waterfall.

In the rainy season (April-October), the forests at Ham Ho turn into a green carpet dotted with splendid flowers and in the dry season (November-March), the river water is pure and the air is cold. One of the most interesting times to visit is when the Loc Vung ornamental trees (lecythidales) come into flower. The nature here creates a lively and fanciful drawing that makes Ham Ho become an ideal place for tourist to relax. Tourists can go boating and fishing, walk in the forest, swim or just relax in one of the stilt houses on the banks of the river. Adventurers can kayak on the river, or take a ride in a small canoe with two local guides dressed in ancient soldier's costumes.

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