Kien Giang

Tho Chu, an archipelago with eight islands, is a commune of Phu Quoc District, which is in turn an island off Kien Giang Province. The archipelago, however, has not been frequented by tourists despite its wild and natural beauties. It is because Tho Chu is 220 kilometers from the mainland, a distance which is two…
The pristine Bai Dai Beach on Phu Quoc Island is worth an idyllic place of interest for many people wanting to take retreat from the noisy urban life. This beach is little affected by footprints of vacationers, so tourism services have yet to develop. There is no hotel, restaurant or resort along the beach. Rows…
Founded in the early 18th century, Ha Tien Town of Kien Giang Province is situated on the Gulf of Thailand, 8 kilometers from the Cambodian border. The town and its surrounding area are endowed with a cluster of landscapes called the Ten Sights by people in bygone days, including Dong Ho Lake, Binh San Mountain, Thach Dong Grotto, Hon…
Annually, Mui Nai Beach in Ha Tien attracts thousands of tourists in Vietnam travel coming to visit. The beach is very beautiful and dreamlike with brown sand and blue sea. Tourists can swim and see the sunset in the evening. Tourists can enjoy sunbathing on Mui Nai beach without being disturbed. There are some lifeguards along the…
Hon Chong beach is one of the most popular destinations for beach holidays in Vietnam. It is situated in Ha Tien, Kien Giang province. This ideal retreat is just perfect for the vacationers and holiday makers who come to this beach to explore the natural beauty, charm and magical splendor of the island. The period of December and…
Although Hon Trem may be a small island, it is definitely a proud one, as the island cradles among the country’s most attractive beach, the Bai Hon Trem.  Tourists in Vietnam tourism coming to Kien Giang province are attracted to this charming island where they have chance to admire its golden yellow sand, crystal clear water and attractive coconut…
Situated in the Gulf of Thailand and located off the southern coast of Vietnam and Cambodia, Phu Quoc island is the largest one in Vietnam. With the length of 48 kilometers and the width of 28 kilometers, Phu Quoc Island is closer to the Cambodian mainland than Vietnam. It forms a triangular shape and to the west of…
The Mac Cuu Family Tombs are found near the town of Ha Tien, Kien Giang province. This family played a prominent role in the history of Ha Tien. During the time that the town was still part of Cambodia, Mac Cuu was the Khmer appointed to be the governor of this land. Faced by attacks from Thais, he…
Phu Tu Islet, which lies more than 100m offshore, is considered to be a symbol of Ha Tien, Kien Luong district, Kien Giang province. For tourists in Vietnam travel coming to Ha Tien, it is a magnet. Phu Tu Islet is a beautiful natural sculpture of rocks. It is known in English as the Father and Son rocks and…


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