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Tu Cung Memorial House reopened for visitors

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After a period of refurbishment and remodeling, recently, Hue Monuments Conservation Centre has reopened Tu Cung Memorial House (145 Phan Dinh Phung Street, Hue City) to serve visitors.

This activity aims to introduce the cultural work marked by Lady Tu Cung or Queen Mother Doan Huy (King Khai Dinh’s wife and King Bao Dai’s mother), at the same time diversify attractions for visitors in the journey of learning history – culture of the complex of Hue monuments.

To Tu Cung Memorial House, visitors have the opportunity to see photos and documents on King Khai Dinh, Lady Tu Cung, King Bao Dai’s family and Ton Nhan Phu (Imperial Clan Court – an responsible institution for all matters pertaining to the imperial family). In addition, visitors can also learn the history of the house and the stories about life of the queen mother.

In the 2nd floor of the house, apart from the centre room for dedicating to Lady Tu Cung, there are 1 largest room for general meetings and 1 library room of Executive Council of Nguyen Phuc’s Family (the royal family of Nguyen Dynasty). The remaining rooms are arranged tables and chairs for visitors and local people to study and learn Nguyen Phuc Family’s genealogy, Nguyen Dynasty and Hue culture.

Tu Cung Memorial House is directed to connect with Khai Tuong Lau and An Dinh Palace to form the tourist route for learning the life of King Bao Dai’s family – the last king of Nguyen Dynasty.

In 1955, after Ngo Dinh Diem Government confiscated An Dinh Palace – the isolated palace of Lady Tu Cung, she bought the house of Lady An Phi (one of wives of King Khai Dinh) at 79B Phan Dinh Phung Street (now 145 Phan Dinh Phung Street) to live until day of her death (10 November 1980).

Lady Tu Cung had some house’s structures improved and interior decorated in modern style. In the living room, photos of her family members and photo of President Ho Chi Minh with Supreme Advisor Vinh Thuy in President Palace (Ha Noi) in 1945 are displayed. A valuable collection of her possessions as ancient objects dating back to the reigns of King Thieu Tri, King Tu Duc… are still held in the house.

Tu Cung Memorial House is imprinted by architectural styles of the Eastern and Western cultures, marking a transitional period of Vietnamese house architecture.

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