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No matter where you go around the globe, every major city puts its own spin on food, whether they're serving a slightly different version of a familiar favourite or a strange (to you) dish.
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An Giang is the land of native Vietnamese, Chinese, Khmer and Cham people living peacefully together for hundreds of years. The local Cham community mainly follows Muslim, creating unique cultural features from mosque architectures to housing designs or traditional costumes. Among traditional cultural traits, culinary is a pride of Cham people there, especially for their…
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Many  people believe that such dishes, by inducing sweat, really help lower ones body temperature and help fight the heat. Not everyone feels that way. One cool and refreshing alternative is Pho Cuon, a food similars to fresh spring rolls, but basically different in a number of ways. The most famous places to find the dish…
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Breakfast is something we often ignore when talking about cuisine. Want to find out what Vietnamese people eat for breakfast? Let's have a taste of Vietnamese breakfasts follow you feel they are really delicious foods when coming to Vietnam. 1. Pho  Pho is soup with rice or wheat based noodles that's flavored with a meat such…
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This dish is primarily a breakfast dish found in the early mornings of Hai Phong when the shops are opening around 7am. If you wait too long or don’t get up in time, these places can be closed by around 11am however it is possible to find a few places around that do sell it…
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Kẹo Cu-đơ is made from natural ingredients such as: peanut, cane molasses, malt powder, sesame, and ginger. Candied peanut is itself delicious. Kẹo Cu-đơ (peanut rice-paper candy) is a famous food of the central province of Ha Tinh. In Vietnamese kẹo means candy, and Cu-đơ is the nickname locals gave the man who changed the traditional form of making candy. People snicker…
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When you cruise the elegant French colonial vestiges of Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), stop off at a streetside stall for the Vietnamese take on its former colonisers’ simple salad sandwich – banh mi is a piece of history wrapped in a baguette.   “Tender chunks of grilled pork swaddled inside fluffy French bread combine…
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French cuisine seems very popular in Ho Chi Minh City judging from the many restaurants that are constantly springing up. But to enjoy authentic French food in a luxurious setting, gourmets should look no further than L'Olivier Restaurant at the Sofitel Plaza Saigon Hotel, District 1, which deservedly enjoys the reputation of being among the…
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