Peaceful beachs in Quy Nhon

Quy Nhon City in the central coast province of Binh Dinh has many sightseeing spots for travelers to discover, including some tranquil beaches in Ghenh Rang and ancient traits in Quy Hoa where late poet Han Mac Tu had found inspiration to create many popular pieces.

Tourists can take a flight or a train from HCMC to Quy Nhon. The first destination tourists should head to is Ghenh Rang tourist site 2km away from Quy Nhon City. The site is close to Xuan Van Mountain and was formed from continuous winding stone banks and caves. The way leading to Ghenh Rang is beautifully built on a slightly sloping path.

Standing in Ghenh Rang, tourists can experience a panoramic view of Quy Nhon. A highlight of the site is Hoang Hau (Queen) Beach that looks like a beautiful hidden fairy. The name “queen” came from a historical fact that the late emperor of Vietnam, Bao Dai and his wife, Queen Nam Phuong chose this place as a private relaxation place during their trip in 1927.


 Quy Hoa beach

From Hoang Hau Beach, tourists can drive about 2km to get to Quy Hoa Beach where an old center with over 200 houses in French style for leprosy patients is located. The peaceful beach with pure water under poplar shades and chirping sound of birds mingled in the wave sounds. The place is where late poet Han Mac Tu spent his last days and created many popular poems. Other attractions at the site include a statue park to acknowledge contribution of scientists and those who have helped cure the leprosy.

Tourists can drive about 8km to the countryside of Quy Nhon to discover about ten popular beaches, including bai Chinh, bai Bau, bai Dai, bai Dai, and bai Nhon Ly among others. Especially, Xep Beach is popular for a fruit garden and coconut garden nearby.

During weekends, tourists also flock to Bang Beach to swim, relax and go fishing. There are thatch-roofed huts on the beach at the price of VND40,000 per hour for tourists to relax.

banh beo

Banh beo

Quy Nhon has many specialties at cheap prices, including banh beo (cake made from rice powder served with dried shrimp), and bun cha ca (fish paste noodles) on Nguyen Hue Street, or seafood and Vietnamese-style pancake on Le Hong Phong Street.

Source: SGT

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