A day in Binh Ba island

Located some 15 kilometers off Ba Ngoi Wharf to the east and 60 kilometers off the coastal city of Nha Trang to the south, Binh Ba Island is quite small, covering an area of three square kilometers only.

The venue, which used to be crowded with tourists on weekends only, is now turning a favorite destination as more and more people are visiting this place anytime, especially during summer.


Tourists can stop by Cam Ranh coach station, catch a taxi to Da Bac Port and then head for the island by boat. On average, there are four trips at three-hour intervals to Binh Ba every day, with each trip costing VND40,000 a person. Visitors can also choose to hire a private boat to reach the island.

The earliest trip at 7 a.m. in the morning is the most wonderful time when the sun begins to have its first light reflected on the ocean waves. Tourists will have a chance to gaze at a number of massive rocks in various shapes. Aside from ships taking visitors to Binh Ba and fishing boats, there are many smaller boats by islanders carrying necessities to and from the island.

Binh Ba is seen as  a bustling island at the mere sight of its wharf area where visitors can find some small cafes to rest after a long journey on the sea. There are colorful electric vehicles available to take them to accommodation venues. The island does not actually have a lot of big hotels. However, most tourists prefer staying at locals’ homes for a new experience at an affordable price of VND50,000-100,000 a person for one night.


In the center of the island is a market where various fruit and vegetables as well as local specialties are sold while food stalls serving breakfast are always crowded. Besides, it is not easy to spot some restaurants offering an assortment of seafood dishes with fancy smell in the air. They are so irresistible that tourists have to stop by these places to try some local seafood dishes. On top of that, Binh Ba is dubbed the island of lobsters where tourists will have an opportunity to enjoy grilled lobsters caught fresh from the sea with appealing smell. Seafood on the island is fresh and cheap, attracting more and more travelers to Binh Ba.


Nom beach

Nom Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island with its incredibly white sand, crystal clear water and solid rocks standing tall nearby. Every evening, the beach becomes a busy place for local traders to do business. Meanwhile, tourists can admire beautiful coral reef and schools of fish swimming around on Chuong Beach, which is two kilometers far from the center of the island. They can also pay a visit to other great places such as Sa Huynh, Bo De and Nha Lau beaches.

Binh Ba Island has got livelier than before thanks to an increasing number of travelers going there. Local islanders can take advantage of their own homes as lodgings for visitors. A lot of local folks say they are very happy on seeing a lot of people visiting the island, thus making life there more dynamic. However, it is such a bustling and noisy part that has somehow taken the tranquility away from the island.

Source: VIR

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