In the past, a groom of 20 with an 18-year-old bride would be considered an ideal couple. Today, education, a degree of female emancipation, and the need to pursue a career have raised the figures by five or even ten years for middle-class city dwellers. Working class couples tend to…
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Marriage during the past was a family affair, as the children hadn't no priority to select their partners while their parents had. Matchmakers arranged the weddings of Vietnamese ethnic majority group- Kinh people. Before getting married, the betrothed were not allowed to touch each other. If the young woman wished…
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Customs and habits: They can mainly be found living in villages and hamlets. Houses feature walls and roofs of hooked tiles. The Sán Dìu practices the cult of ancestors, and also worship their own particular genies. Language: Hán language. Culture: There are many unique legends, poems and songs, with themes…
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The “Master Dragon” statue worshipped at Le Van Thinh’s Temple in Bac Ninh Province. The origins of a formidable statue of a dragon-like creature excavated in Bac Ninh Province remain unclear. In 1992, Phan Dinh Pho, the former keeper of Great Tutor Le Van Thinh’s Temple in Bac Ninh Province…
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Generations ago, marriage was a family affair, as parents select their child’s spouse. In the past, the weddings of  Kinh people - Vietnam's ethnic majority - were arranged by matchmakers. Before marriage, the betrothed were not allowed to touch each other. If the young woman wished to offer her suitor…
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Vietnam has a long, war-torn history and is physically an elongated, beautiful and diverse country. Both history and geography have had a dramatic impact on the people. There are significant differences across generations and between provinces. Nowadays, the culture of Vietnamese people is a topic that little written about. However,…
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In Vietnam, family is a basic social unit of the society. Vietnamese family life is profoundly influenced by ancestor worship. Children learn at a very early age that they owe everything to their parents and their ancestors. When children do well in school and work hard, they honour their parents…
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Vietnam, S-shaped country, has 54 ethnic groups with different languages. The majority group in Vietnam is the Vietnamese-speaking Kinh and Vietnamese is the official language. Many older Vietnamese are familiar with French or English. Interest in English has been rising, with language schools opening throughout the country. Like English, Vietnamese…
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The richness of Vietnam's origins is evident throughout its culture. Spiritual life in Vietnam, which is totally unscientific, is a belief or practice irrationally maintained by ignorance or by faith in magic or chance. But each nation has its own particular spiritual life. Asia which is a cradle of the…
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The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most exciting and popular holidays for Vietnamese families. It’s also called the “Children’s Festival” and it’s celebrated when the moon is the brightest in the autumn. Parents use this holiday as an opportunity to show their love and appreciation for their children. It…
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Before the late 1980s, most Vietnamese people lived in villages, and the principal economic activity was to cultivate wet rice, the nuclear family including parents and their kids was considered as the basic component of rural society. In Vietnamese culture, respect for parents and ancestors is a key virtue. The…
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In the past, following the extended multi-generational pattern was the tradition of the Vietnamese household. Many generations consisting of the parents, theirs sons, their wives, their children and unwed siblings usually lived under the same roof. Contacting among the family’s members was maintained frequently and this constant closeness to family…
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Non-verbal communication plays an important role in Vietnamese society, sometimes to accompany and reinforce linguistic symbols, sometimes as a substitute for words. Visitors in Vietnam tourism will be interested in this type of communication, non-verbal behaviors and their meaning in Vietnamese culture when talking with Vietnamese people. In a previous…
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Besides seven prized objects in every household listed as a gourd bowl, a quill pen, a Ty Ba (four-string guitar), an orchid, a chess-set, a sword and a feather-duster, the paper fan in Vietnamese tradition was an indispensable items in days of yore. Today, the traditional paper fan is still…
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Together with Hoi An ancient town of remarkable architectural styles, Hanoi is Vietnam's only city where the tourists in Vietnam tourism can be attracted by the beauty of the old quarter- Hanoi 36 old streets and guilds. These streets still keep the same appearance as they had at the end…
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