The magnificent sceneries in Backan- don't miss!!!

Ba be lake is an ideal destination which has lots of beautiful natural sceneries, delicious foods of ethnic groups. If you have a chance to visit Vietnam Ba be lake is really place can’t miss.

Come to Ba Be lake, beside Dau Dang waterfall, Tien pond, Ba Goa islet… there are very many other tourism sites you should not miss.

1. Ba Be National Park

Tourists in Vietnam travel who come to Ba Be not only enjoy the charisma of nature but also get to know many traditional and scientific values of this natural park through the helpful and energetic tour guides. In sunny days, the scenery resembles a Feng Shui painting that mesmerizes even the most demanding visitors. The surface of the lake is flat; it transforms the whole lake into a mirror that reflects the figures of the majestic mountains and the shining cloud.

Romantically, the young Tay girls in black outfits stand on different boats, helping travelers to cross the picturesque Ba Be Lake. Without a doubt, they are the knowledgeable amateur travel guides who continuously surprise you in your journey to explore this beautiful land. You will be also amazed to learn about the lives of the ethnic groups: their culture, their routine life, their myths, their traditions, etc. People are extremely hospitable in Ba Be so you can even have a chance to visit their house and experience for yourself the breath of Ba Be’s mountains and forests.

2.Nang Tien Grotto (Fairy Grotto)

The grotto is 5 km far from Yen Lac town. Fairy Grotto has appeared naturally for a long time. Legend says that once upon a time there were 7 fairies landing at the foot of Phja Trang Mountain to swim. They enjoyed so much that they did not know that the night came. They could no longer fly back to the heaven. God created a grotto for them to reside. Since then, the grotto has been called "Fairy Grotto". On 13 September 1999, the Ministry of Culture and Information signed decision on recognizing the Grotto as beauty spot at national level.

3. Hua Ma cave

Hua Ma cave is ranked among the most beautiful and interesting caves in the national park, because of its magnificent stalactites and the legend that has been told for generations

The cave has been naturally shaped during the many-thousand-year process of geological changes. It is 700 meters in length and in some places the cave opens up and is 50 meters in height.

The view outside the cave is also great. From the mouth of the cave, people could see a large space, a vast picture of mountains, forests and water. Tourists could see Ba Be Lake and the Nang River running smoothly in distance, could hear birds singing elsewhere and imposing mountains and forest in front.

If lucky enough, tourists could participate in a local monthly market to admire girls and boys of several local ethnic minorities in their traditional colourful costume. Tourists can enjoy local typical specialties and would get drunk with “Can” wine and unconsciously fall in love with the place and people.

4. Pac Ngoi Village 

Pac Ngoi Village has more than 40 traditional stilt houses locating on the slope of mountains which surround Ba Be Lake, emphasizing the beauty of this famous eco-tourism destination.

Surprisingly, while the traditional stilt houses have almost been eradicated in many other provinces, the antique, unique and original houses of ethnic groups are still highly valued and preserved in Pac Ngoi despite the presence of modern architecture.

Tourists in Vietnam travel coming to Pac Ngoi are not only entitled to witness with their naked eyes the most wonderful scenery of Northern Vietnam: a plethora of austere yet interesting stilt houses blending themselves with the glimmering mist and the shinning Ba Be Lakes, but also to stay in the rhythm of the Tay culture.

This claim can be easily proven by the fact that visitors joining tours in Vietnam have to remove their shoes once they step the very first steps on the staircase of a stilt house. Inside the house, ethnic people gather around the gleaming fireplace, forgetting themselves in the sophisticate stories about the economy or the politic.

Na Khoang waterfall

With the nice landscape, pure and cool weather and has the value in the geologist and ecologist systems, Na Khoang waterfall has been acknowledged as the provincial landscape.

In the upper part of the waterfall, there is a small lake, which is the ideal location of swimming for those who like to avoid the crowdedness and wallowing in the nature. The surrounding areas are mainly regenerative jungle, which the covering area is from 75 to 85%. In terms of animal, there are many types of bird, reptile, fish and squirrel, etc. People live in there are all from Mong, Dao ethnic groups who are keeping the cultural traditional characters such as the costumes, religion, folk songs, and dancing styles which creates more plentifulness for cultural environment in this place.

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