Con Se Tre - A Paradise for Relaxing with Folk design

Please come to Con Se Tre, located on Hon Tre island with a particularly different style than that of Vinpearl focusing on the ancient, folk design which is harmonious to nature.

Stepping onto the island, visitors will first be welcomed by friendly, funny faces painted on the rock. The unique highlight of the entire system of houses, restaurants, gardens, bridges, furniture, beds and poles here is the original material used: BAMBOO.

The impression you'll have from this place is that everything is simple, clean and unique. A large-sized pair of wooden wheels from horse carriage, brought back here from Tay Ninh province can remind you of the rustic feel and intimacy from old villages of Vietnam. Together with beautiful and tranquil beaches, the blue crystal-clear seawater makes one strongly desire a swim. Fine sand and gravels surrounding the island allow for you to walk comfortably.

 Con Se Tre leans back to the hills with green trees and flowers of all colors. Flickering in the forest are these quaint and romantic self-contained accommodations. You will feel the generosity of the pure sea breeze, passionate blue sea water, and soft sounds of waves to wisk your mind to a state of relaxtion and comfort. Enjoy breathing the fresh air and forget all daily worries and stress. Con Se Tre is also a very good place for having a vacation, swimming, diving, fishing, riding a motorboat or even mountain climbing.

 Another highlighted feature is the open traditional Roman-style oven. The oven is quite big with a round shape, and stretches 2 floors. Standing around the restaurant area are six brick pillars four metres in height and lit up like torches. The owner of the resort stated that the five pillars represent five separate continents and the other sixth represents the people and the island it is located in. After fresh seafood is placed on the grill, it begins to fill the air with delicious aromas and sounds so amazing, that it stimulates all the senses of diners. And together with delicious seafood, you will be more attracted listening to the guitar and singing.

 At night, looking back at the shore, the shining city of Nha Trang with thousands of electric lights sparkling is like a fairyland. After a full day of enjoying themselves on the island, visitors can sleep in well-equipped hotel rooms or camp in tents outside.

 From a rocky island, Con Se Tre has been designed and has now become an ideal destination for people from all around the world.

If tourists in Vietnam Travel have chance to visit Khanh Hoa Province, Con Se Tre is a must-see place that should not be missed!


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