Discovering The Charming Hidden Beauty of Cam Ranh Bay

From Nha Trang city , take the National Highway number 1 for about 40km to the south, then turn to the east, go over the Long Hổ bridge; you've arrived in  Cam Ranh Bay. Cam Ranh Bay is about 100 km ²  with five to six km width, nearly 15 km length and a depth of 15-20m.

With the advantages of being a close, wide and deep bay (because it is surrounded by mountains from three sides, and the water is calm throughout the year), Cam Ranh Bay is able to harbor large-tonnage ships of about 10 thousand tons right to the port and 20 thousand tons to the bay door. Cam Ranh Bay's beauty has been well known for a long time. Mountains and sea are combined to form a masterpiece of the natural marvels throughout Cam Ranh. The bay maintains major contrasting colors: the white color of sand, the blue color of the sea and sky, and the green from mountains and trees all year long. 

the bustling of Cam Ranh Bay in the past

Cam Ranh used to be very noisy and bustling in the past, but now it is quiet and calm.  The streets are crowded in the daytime but then become incredibly quiet at night. Fishing villages are located along the coast, nestling themselves in dense coconut or evergreen forests. Coming to Cam Ranh, tourists can enjoy the unique scenery of mountains, sea and landscape. Along the coastal line is a lovely series of residential areas: Ba Ngòi,Đá Bạc,  Bảo Giếng and the peninsula across the bay, including the communes of Mĩ Ca, Bình Ba, Vũng Nôm and especially the Thủy Triều lagoon that has a shallow water tide, and is a breeding ground for blood cockle. The blood cockle’s wonderful taste can be compared to the legendary taste of lobster from Ô ​​Loan lagoon in Phú Yên province, as a poem from long time ago says:

Lobster in Bình Ba

Dried deer meat in Diên Khánh

Snakehead fish in Võ Cạnh

Blood cockle in Thủy Triều

If you have a chance to visit Cam Ranh Bay, you can take a 40-minute boat ride from the port of Đá Bạc (Ba Ngòi) to Bình Ba, the place of sea breezes all year long and beautiful scenery. You can also visit Vũng Nôm - a bustling fishing village - located on the bank of a peaceful and calm river and surrounded by big gardens of coconut and longan trees.  It's also rich with different types of food, most notably lobsters in Bình Ba, which can reach enormous sizes with almost 1-metre antenes. Some can weigh up to seven or eight kilos. In addition, Cam Ranh also has different kinds of seafood, such as snail, crab, seaweed, squid, fish, etc, which are very delicious and reasonably priced. Coming to Cam Ranh in summer, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy  an original variety of mango fruit, small but extremely sweet.

fishing villages in Cam Ranh Bay

Cam Ranh Bay has great economic and touristic potential. All of the beautiful landscapes around the bay, such as the sand, fishing villages, the hills of the peninsula in the extreme southern region, and yellow apricot blossoming all year round always warmly welcome visitors. Cam Ranh Bay is also considered one of the national major gateways to export products from the central Highlands, such as forestry products, rubber, tea, coffee, tobacco, sugar and fruit. Sand from Ba Ngòi is white and contains sillic, the material for chemical industry and producing glass and crystal. Cam Ranh Bay can also be an ideal place to establish shipping industries, fishing and seafood processing to supply hotels and export. Therefore, Cam Ranh Bay will become one of the largest industrial centers in a near future. 

If tourists in Vietnam Travel have chance to visit Khanh Hoa Province, Cam Ranh Bay is a must-see place that should not be missed!

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