Nhan Tam - An ecoregion in Nha Trang ( Khanh Hoa province )

Unlike busy lifestyles in urban Nha Trang in the south-central province of Khanh Hoa, and unlike bustling activities seen in the modern city with crowded beaches and classy hotels and restaurants, there are other places of tranquility in the famous city.

Nhan Tam, a destination in suburban Nha Trang, can give tourists a peaceful yet romantic experience.

The 15-hectare eco-tourist site is 30km west of the central coast city. It is located in Dien Xuan Commune in Dien Khanh District in Khanh Hoa Province.

From the entrance, tourists can admire a shady pathway with various kinds of flowers. People can relax at blooming squash and luffa trellises. Fruits from these plants will be cooked for guests’ lunch.


There is a 10-hectare fruit garden where people can use a long stick to pick their own fruits, from rambutan, mango, and jackfruit to pomelo and mangosteen.

Cu Van Thanh, owner of the site, said that this land used to be covered by eucalyptus trees and now there have been thousands of aloes wood trees.

There are many games for guests to entertain themselves. Many tourists to the site often show interest in catching fish at canals. Groups of five people will dress up like farmers and bring baskets and long-handle buckets down to a canal to complete their mission of catching at least two catfish. Then, they follow to the next activity of cooking these fish. Each group will be giving cooking utensils and some ingredients like chili, pepper, garlic and onion to prepare the food. Food made by guests will be served together with dishes at the site, including fried jackfruit, boiled vegetables, and grilled chicken.


Guests can take a rest at a swimming pool or enter a bamboo forest to find a place to relax in the sounds of rustling leaves and babbling water from the Cho River nearby. The Cho River which starts from the Central Highlands province of Daklak is 74km long and runs through Nhan Tam eco-tourist site.

Other interesting activities that guests are advised to try are zipline game and sailing. To join in the zipline, people have to pass a hanging bridge at the length of 91 m to get to Chuong Hill. Guests will be equipped with helmets and security belts to slide across the Cho River in 20 seconds.

There is also a house to worship numerous meticulously carved Buddha statues on Chuong Hill. Those who love fishing can come to a fish pond to satisfy their hobby and then enjoy their achievements of numerous kinds of fish at the price of VND90,000 per kilo. People can entertain with a crocodile fishing game at the tourist site as well.

Those who come to Nhan Tam during fruit season will be presented a jackfruit, a kilo of rambutan or a pomelo as a souvenir back home.

Source: SGT

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