Ta Gu Waterfall - the Fairy Smooth Hair

Ta Gu Waterfall is one of famous tourism destinations in Nha Trang, located in Son Hiep commune, Khanh Son district, Khanh Hoa province. From the centre of Khanh Son district following the opposite direction 15 km further, there is Son Hiep commune. Reach there, visitors can easily recognize the majestic mountains which are about 1,300 m higher than sea level, the pure air in the mountainous region.

Formerly, the waterfall was named Nga waterfall. After that, people changed its name into Ta Gu, the name of the spring flowing to the waterfall.

There are two myths about the waterfall formation. Anciently, there were many pythons in this forest; one was as big as a-hundred-year-old To Hap tree. In a morning of dry season, a flock of pythons went to the top finding food. On the way, they met a small elephant losing its mother which was bewildered. Immediately, the leading python run to hurl the elephant down. The elephant and the pythons fought fiercely. Finally, both two animals fell into the abyss. When the mother elephant came back finding her child dead, she stood on the mountain top crying nights and days, then she turned to rock. Two flows of the mother’s teardrop became two flows of waterfall.

Ta Gu Waterfall _ the Fairy Smooth Hair

According to another myth, Ta Gu anciently was a transparent, pure stream. Every year in spring, animals bustlingly took part in a festival. Fascinated by the beautiful stream, the fairies from the sky usually flied down bathing in the stream then went to the mountain top spreading their hair feeling the wind. One day, the smallest fairy busies herself with playing, forgot the restricted time so she had to stay at the human world, finally she became Ta Gu Waterfall.

However, in both two myths, Ta Gu waterfall was beautiful, mysterious, majestic with two flows rumblingly pouring from the height of 30-40m, and blue lake which is about 1km wide.  

Especially, despites of being one of the most famous tourism destinations in Nha Trang, the waterfall still remains its wild scenery, being an ideal destination for visitors who are keen on adventure.

The charm of the waterfall is created by not only the beautiful landscape but also forest and stream crossing travel during the way to the waterfall. It’s so interesting that after reaching the waterfall, the adventure still continues. Firstly, people must hold the tree roots to go down, pass a stream, then meet a deep and large lake. After that, they continue to cross the slippery stream in the top right, crowd to the canopies of wild plants keeping moving to the bottom of the waterfall.

Ta Gu Waterfall _ the Fairy Smooth Hair

There is an extremely excited feeling when stopping near straight cliff, facing with the wonderful waterfall which is rumblingly flowing. All tiredness seems to be left out in the cold water of the wide lake in the waterfall bottom. It will be more interesting to hold a camping party among the mountainous area to connect members in group.   

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