Fan makers

Fans made of paper, silk, and wood are a cultural feature only found in Asia.The fans symbolize the grace and reserved character of women, and the elegance and strength of men. They are also means of showing love between couples and have played an important role in poetry, songs, plays and Vietnamese daily life for thousands of years.

Furthermore, these decorative products are now exported to Japan, Great Britain and France. Trang Son Village in Thach That district, Ha Tay province (30 kilometers from Hanoi to the North West), specializes in making some of the most famous fans for nearly one thousand years. When using Trang Son Village`s fans tourists are offered a unique opportunity to understand Vietnamese people`s culture, simple but profound.

The craftsmen of the village moved to Hanoi in the eighteenth century to form the famous Hang Quat street (fan makers and sellers) which sadly is no longer where these fans are made today.

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