Cao Bang's culture is diversified by the cultural harmony of many minority and majority groups. The main groups in Cao Bang are Tay, Nung, Dao, San Chi, Kinh, Mong and Hoa of whom Tay ethnic group accounts for 42 per cent, Nung ethnic group occupies 35 per cent, the rest…
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The Vietnamese culture has always evolved on the basis of the wet rice civilization. Thus, the lifestyle of the Vietnamese population is closely related to its village and native lands. The Vietnamese culture has evolved from the basis of a wet rice cultivating civilization. Because of this, the lifestyle of…
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A very popular belief among Vietnamese is the custom of the ancestor cult. In every household, an ancestor altar is installed in the most solemn location. Vietnamese believe that the soul of a dead person, even if dead for many generations, still rests along with their descendants on earth. The…
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The family is the most important of all social units in Vietnam. In contrast to the focus on individualism in the West, the close-knit family is the basic unit in Vietnamese society. "Hieu", or filial piety, is one of the basic virtues. This refers to the idea of love, care,…
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To be a man, one must take four important steps. First, he must know how to cultivate himself (Tu Than). In order to achieve this step, he must meet five requirements: 1) He must adhere to rites and ceremonies. 2) Strictly observe the family and social hierarchies (Le). 3) He…
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Vietnamese woman are highly regarded by Westerners, who find them very graceful and gentle with all sorts of qualities that men look for. As young girls, they expected to keep their virginity until they get married and to getmarried only once in their life. As married women, they are expected…
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Vietnamese children are polite and behave themselves at home and outside. They are subject to discipline, especially at school, and are taught to be absolutely obedient to their older siblings, relatives, and parents. They are also told to obey, respect, and listen to older people. At home children are expected…
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Each passing year in a person’s life brings esteem and respect to their family and neighborhood. Formerly, at the age of 40 one was honored for being an old man or woman.  During the Tran Dynasty in the 12th and 13th centuries, the 40 year old emperor gave up his…
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In the past, building a house was considered one of the three most important events in Vietnamese life. These were purchasing a buffalo, looking for a wife, and building a house. Building an own house is very important to Vietnamese. It even shows his position in social structure. Vietnamese who…
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Quảng Ninh, as well as being home to native Vietnamese, also features ethnic groups like the Dao, Tày, Sán Dìu, Sán Chay and Hoa. Essentially, they arrived from the north, having immigrated between 300 and 400 years ago, and are spread throughout the whole province. Population-wise, these groups account for…
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