The role of children Featured

Vietnamese children are polite and behave themselves at home and outside.

They are subject to discipline, especially at school, and are taught to be absolutely obedient to their older siblings, relatives, and parents. They are also told to obey, respect, and listen to older people.

At home children are expected to help parents, take care of their younger siblings or aging grandparents, and do whatever they can in the way of babysitting, cooking, cleaning, washing, and so on and on, depending on their age and the economic situation of their family.

At school children show great respect for their teachers and school administrators. Discipline is strictly observed, and any violations will result in severe punishments.Courting and dating are never encouraged by the parents nor practiced by the majority of young people. Casual friendship between boys and girls does exist but usually on a reserved basis and under strict control by parents or surveillance by school proctors. Girls tend to get together with girls, boys tend to flock with boys, and the dividing line in most cases is clear-out.

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