Tan Dinh - the beautiful pink cathedral

Tan Dinh Cathedral is one of the most ancient and beautiful religious buildings in Ho Chi Minh City.

Located on Hai Ba Trung Street in Ward 8, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City. It's built by the French colonists in early 20th century, when Vietnam was part of French Indochina.  Its construction took six years (1870 - 1876).

It's the second largest cathedral in this city, the largest is Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica in District 1.

The cathedral bears the Gothic, Roman and Baroc architectural style. In 1929, the area of the cathedral was expanded and a 52.60m-high tower was added.

In December 1976 it was upgraded to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the cathedral’s construction. The holly temple was heightened and the bell tower was repainted. With its distinctive pink colour and white decorative designs, the cathedral stands out against the blue sky.


NTO - Nhà thờ Tân Định - Sự hòa quyện kiến trúc Gothique và Roman

Tourists in Vietnam Tourism will look  a main tower and two other small structures at the front of the cathedral. On the peak of the tower is an octagon with a bronze cross standing 3m-high. In the main tower, there are five large bells weighting about 5.5 tonnes.


NTO - Nhà thờ Tân Định - Sự hòa quyện kiến trúc Gothique và Roman

In the two other structures are lamp towers with many air holes and patterns that create a sense of firmness yet gracefulness.

Two sides are galleries with the dome topped with fish scale-shaped tiles and arches adorned with decorative leaves, flowers and sophisticated refined statues of angels. It makes many tourists  in Vietnam travel  praise.


NTO - Nhà thờ Tân Định - Sự hòa quyện kiến trúc Gothique và Roman


The chancel in the cathedral is rather large with two rows of Gothic styled pillars that lead to the main altar. With its front, the two rows of pillars are evaluated to be most beautiful and unique feature of the architectural work.


NTO - Nhà thờ Tân Định - Sự hòa quyện kiến trúc Gothique và Roman


On the left are statues of female saints and on the right are statues of male saints. All the altars in the chancel are made from precious marble imported from Italy.

NTO - Nhà thờ Tân Định - Sự hòa quyện kiến trúc Gothique và Roman

Tan Dinh Cathedral is not only a valuable architectural work that is on the list of historical, cultural and tourist addresses in Ho Chi Minh City, but also the worshipping place of parishioners and the place where many charity activities are held.

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