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Mysterious Mo So caves

Adventurers and those interested in discovering wild landscapes should head for Mo So Mountain in the Mekong Delta province of Kien Giang. The trip is certainly an exciting and unforgettable experience as it is home to huge and mysterious limestone caves.

Mo So (white stone) Mountain is located in Ba Nui Hamlet, Binh An Commune, Kien Luong District of Kien Giang Province and is about 27km from Ha Tien Town to the southwest. It is surrounded by a small valley with lots of trees and monkeys.

Mo So is among the unique limestone mountains in Kien Giang, which include Hang Pagoga, Phu Tu Islet, Chong Islet, and Thach Dong.

In the wartime, Mo So was a solid basis of Kien Giang soldiers in the southwestern area.

To get to the mountain, tourists should travel on Kien Luong-Ha Tien Street to get to Ba Hon T-junction, then turn left in the Hon Chong-Binh An-Hon Phu Tu direction and travel 7km more. They should follow a small path near Holcim cement factory to go 5km more to get to Mo So.

According to scientists, the whole region was 2m below sea level millions of years ago and the mountain was formed by a sea erosion process that left holes and caves in strange and mysterious shapes.

The first cave to discover is Quan Y (army medical department) which was used as a location to treat the wounded and sick soldiers. The cave is 300m long and so cool that locals call it an air-conditioning cave. The further people go inside the more excitement they get as there is a sky well above where hundreds of bats fly inside. The tour guide will use a flashlight to show tourists some mysterious words on the caves’ ceilings and many stones in shapes of a dolphin, a bell and hands of Buddha, which can deliver pure sounds whenever tourists knock on them. There are corners in the cave where people can see some long and huge roots of old trees.


Another interesting cave is Hai Voi Rong (dragon’s antenna) where travelers can admire two huge limestone blocks in shapes of a dragon’s antenna dropping from the cave’s ceiling and other stones looking alike a God of Wealth or a king’s crown. There are other caves, including Nuoc (water) which is 20m above sea level and Tien (money) which was known as a place to cast money.

The ideal time to visit Mo So is dry season when water levels in the caves are low. Those coming to the site in rainy season should rent a small junk to get inside the caves. They are advised to hire a local guide for VND150,000.

Tourists are recommended to carry light belongings, and wear casual clothes and sandals as there are many slippery stones and they should also mind their head.

There are many food shops at the site so tourists can take a break on some hammocks and enjoy coconut drinks or local snacks.

Source: SGT

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