A Glance of Vietnam

The Park was built by Tran Thi Tuyet Nga who lived and fought against the enemy to protect military bases in the land during the years of fierce war. She said: “When returning to Cu Chi to build a small school to present to local children, I initiated the idea to do some useful things for the land” and after nearly 20 years, “A glimpse of Vietnam” was established as a destination for travelers who want to look into the history, culture, people and craft villages of Vietnam.

Dong Son bronze drum and a set of gongs.

The Park consists of different areas, such as the areas of traditional craft villages, agricultural production, history of Vietnam, cuisine of three regions and an entertainment area for children. Visiting the area of craft villages, tourists will be introduced to the history as well as operation of nearly 20 traditional crafts in different regions of the country, such as red lacquer trimmed with gold, sculpture, thin gold-leaf, weaving, embroidering, bamboo and rattan plating, pottery making, poonah paper making, conical hat-making, etc.

Overseas Vietnamese are interested in making laces.

Like a museum, the agricultural production area introduces the daily activities of farmers and agricultural tools of the wet rice civilization, such as ploughs, reaping-hooks, rice mortars and tools for catching fish and processing foodstuff. Here, visitors also see with their own eyes rice fields, vegetable plots, a fish pond, etc. that not only provide a daily foodstuff source for the cuisine area but also make visitors think of their homeland with sweet memories. 

Children love to make ceramic ware.

The area of history of Vietnam – the country and people is highlighted by the Xa Tac Platform built with the soil and water from 63 provinces and cities nationwide, the Truong Son Cemetery and the Xa Tac Platform area in Hanoi. Also there is a space for displaying a mock-up of the map of Vietnam including the islands and seas.

Visiting “A glimpse of Vietnam” Park.

The Park also includes traditional houses of Vietnam, such as the Binh Dinh house that is comfortable regardless of the temperature and fire resistant; a house of the Mong ethnic people in Mu Cang Chai (Yen Bai Province) built from fragrant Pomu (Fokienia hodginsii) wood, a Ruong (wooden) house of the Hue people, houses of people in the North and the South and a Rong House from Tay Nguyen (Central Highlands). All the houses displayed in the area are the original, transported from their native localities.

In a showroom

Arriving at the botanic garden which boasts hundreds of wild flowers, tourists will have relaxating moments and participate in folk games or dances with Thai and Cham girls and enjoy delicious and popular dishes.The Park should be included on the itinerary of all visitors to the area.

Source: Vietnam.vnanet.vn


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