Ang Village - A water-color painting of Northwestern mountains

Located in Moc Chau Plateau (Moc Chau District, Son La Province), Ang Village has fresh and cool air, charming scenery and also preserves special culture treasures of Thai ethnic group.Near to the village is natural lake with the area of 5ha surrounding by green pine forests. In the distance, there are verdant tea hills, grass fields; especially in the spring, white flowers of apricots, plums, ban (a typical flower of Northwest region) blooming throughout the forests. All seem to emphasize the beauty of Ang Village more sparkling, charming. 

Ang Village is home to Thai ethnic people. They mainly live by planting (tea, vegetable, corn, rice), poultry and cattle husbandry and traditional crafts (brocade weaving, knitting). Although near Moc Chau Farm Town, villagers in Ang Village has kept intactly traditional culture identity as architecture of traditional stilt houses, costume, old folk songs, folk games, specific festivals (Het Cha festival, new rice festival)... 

In recent years, for sustainable tourism development associated with conservation and promotion of natural beauty, culture in Moc Chau, Son La Province has invested to exploit eco and community-based tourism type in some ethnic minority villages, of which including Ang Village. With Northwestern natural scenery and unique culture of Thai people, Ang Village has became an attractive destination for many international and domestic tourists, contributed to improving lives of villagers as well as preserving and promoting traditional culture identity. Currently, brocade products (pieu handkerchiefs, com shirts, handbags, curtains, tablecloths…) of villagers with various designs and exquisite patterns are creating gradually own brand.


 Pine forest in Ang Village

To Ang Village, tourists will have opportunity to experience the daily life of villagers; discover Northwestern mountains scenery, especially ride horses to visit Ang Village pine forest, enjoy local specialties as can wine, com lam (rice in bamboo tube), pa pinh top (grilled fishes), bacon… 

Recently, Moc Chau District has planned Ang Village, the lake and pine forests into a tourist area with the area of 62ha and calling for investment to further develop tourism. In the future, this tourist area will become a must-see destination of tourists on the North West arc road.


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