Drink tea on the streets in Hanoi

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In Vietnam, tea is appeared in almost every social activities such as wedding, anniversary and ritual ceremonies.  In the early morning, tasting a cup of hot teaf ter breakfast it's awesome, some iced tea at “quán cóc” - the roadside-make-shift shop while waiting for your friend, or a whole day chilling out in a teahouse; that is the way tea penetrates into Vietnamese’ daily life.

Tea is sold popularly in “quán cóc” - or street vendors - which can easily be found in front the gate of bus terminals, train stations, offices, schools, or even in some corners in quiet alleys. “Quán cóc” with hot or iced green tea is an interesting piece of Vietnamese street culture, where people, in particular workers and students, often come to have some rest in short breaks of utterly exhausted working time, picking up children after school or waiting for friends. “Quán cóc” connects people, to share stories and hear latest news happening while smoking cigarettes or having some peanut candy.

Today, Hanoi youngsters have found out a new trend is that gathering around and chill out at new type of “quán cóc” called “trà chanh”(meaning tea with fresh lemon). Several plastic short-legged stools, a small dish of roasted sunflower seed, and certainly, a glass of “trà chanh” for each one; those are enough for everybody to have a great time at a very cheap price. “Trà chanh” is so popular that it even becomes a slang used widely by youngsters referring to “hang out”. The most exciting place to drink “trà chanh” in Hanoi is at the area around Saint Joseph Cathedral, Dao Duy Tu street and Ly Quoc Su street, where one will get a chance to have a close approach to daily life of  the youth , listening to their talks about all the hottest events, music, fashion vague, technology and any gossips that one can think of.

Source: VNO


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